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Hinge & Lock Protectors

FirePlug Intumescent Hinge & Lock Protectors

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Hinge & Lock Protectors

Fireplug CFPM can also be used between the door and a surface mounted lock e.g. Rim latch lock.

Fireplug Hinge Strips and Lock Protection consist of a 0.5mm thick Firefly 104/105 intumescent paper. Hinge Strips are supplied to a standard size of 100mm x 35mm.

Under the action of heat, the Fireplug CFPM insulates the areas around the hinges and lock slowing the passage of heat through the metal. This principal is also relevant when installed with other ironmongery such as, lock striker plate, door closers and pivot plates on double swing doors.

Fireplug CFPM has been tested by TRADA to British Standard BS476 part 22, on 20th April 1993. test No. FR1687, also by Chiltern International Fire on 19th March 1997 to BS476 Part 22, Test no. FER/F97023. The test criteria attained results in Fireplug CFPM being acceptable for 30/30 and 1 hour doors.

Hinge Protection

Cut Fireplug CFPM to fit tightly into recess notched out of the door and door frame. With the CFPM only 0.5mm thick an existing recess will probably be deep enough to avoid any further notching out.



Lock Protection – Mortice Type

Remove the mortice lock from the door. Some shaving of the door may be required to refit the lock. The Fireplug CFPM can be either wrapped around the lock or positioned inside the door. Enough room should be allowed not to tear the paper.



Lock Protection – Yale/Rim Latch Type

Remove the lock and cut Fireplug CFPM to the contours of the lock. Refit the lock sandwiching the CFPM between the door and the lock.
In all cases handle spindles, or lock barrels, passing through the door should be wrapped in CFPM. Door closers, striker plates and pivot plates on double swing doors should also have Fireplug CFPM fitted

Download FR1687 Test Certificate
Download RF97023 Test Certificate

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