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Intumescent Strips

Fireplug Intumescent Strips are available white or brown, in standard 2100mm or 1050mm lengths and is supplied self adhesive.

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Intumescent Door Seals

IFS Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seals for Routing

Fireplug Intumescent Strips are available white or brown, in standard 2100mm or 1050mm lengths and is supplied self adhesive. Fireplug Intumescent Strips are also available in door sets. Packed 5 x 1050mm for single doors and 10 x 1050mm for double doors.


Fireplug IF104, IFS104, IF154, IFS154, IF204 and IFS204 are Firestop intumescent strips encased in a PVC sleeve, acheiving a high degree of protection from mechanical and chemical damage.Fireplug Profile ref IF – rectangular cross section 10 x 4mm (ref IF104) 15 x 4mm (ref IF154) for half hour doors* and 20 x 4mm (ref IF204) for one hour doors*.
Fireplug Profile ref IFS – rectangular cross section 10 x 4mm (ref IF104) 15 x 4mm (ref IF154) for half hour doors and 20 x 4mm (ref IF204) for one hour doors*. A 5mm brush seal for use where cold smoke stopping is required, which has been tested to BS31/1.

* Subject to some restrictions on maximum leaf size, mode of operation and latching.


Under the action of heat, the PVC profile softens as the intumescent core expands sealing the gap between the door and the door frame, through which fire and toxic gas could pass. The amount of pressure developed by the expanding intumescent is dependent on the gap to be sealed. The wider the gap the lower the pressure.. The temperature at which Fireplug Intumescent strip starts to activate is 180 – 200 degrees centigrade. At this temperature no one would survive on the fireside of the door and in most cases the thermal shock would be fatal to anyone on the unexposed side opening the door. However, despite the requisite that the pressure developed by the expanding intumescent is sufficient to keep the door closed it is possible to make the door open if required.


Fireplug strips have been tested to BS476 Pt22 &23 and are also Certifire Approved under certificate CF358 test documents available on request.

Download FR1687 Test Certificate


Fireplug intumescent strips are fitted into grooves nominally 10, 15 or 20mm wide x 4mm deep and are supplied with self adhesive backing tape. The groove can be routed either into the door or into the frame. The rout is along the head of the door and down the jamb. Intumescent is not required along the bottom as in a fire situation a negative pressure results making the air flow in the opposite direction to the top.

Where the groove is masked by hinges, locks or other door ironmongery we recommend that Fireplug Intumescent Strip is used in conjunction with Fireplug for Hinge and Lock. If a smoke seal is required then the Fireplug IFS Profile can be used. The recommended gap around the door is 4mm, this enables ease of opening and closing against the brush stroke seal.

N.B. i) Never use brush seals in both sides of meeting stiles. ii) Always fit the IFS brush directly opposite the IF profile.

FPSM Surface Mounted Fire & Smoke Seals


Fireplug surface mount intumescent strip is available in most colours, or with a real wood veneer.  All seals are self adhesive.  These seals can be ordered made up into complete door sets.  A single door set consists of 3 lengths FP202 and 2 lengths FP102.  Ref: single door set FPSD A double door set consists of 4 lengths FP202 and 4 lengths FP102.  Ref: double door set FPDD.


The surface mounted intumescent fire and smoke seals are 25mm wide incorporating 20mm wide intumescent plus 5mm wide brush smoke seal, complete with polypropylene blade for use on door assemblies that incorporate a mechanical restraint. FP202 is nominally 2mm thick, FR102 is nominally 1mm thick. FP102 is used for ease of fitting to the hinge jamb, where you would expect a smaller gap in comparison to closing jamb or head. All seals come self adhesive as standard.


Under the action of heat, the intumescent rapidly expands to seal around the door stopping the passage of fire and toxic gases. The brush smoke is designed to inhibit the passage of cold smoke.


Fireplug FP202 and Fireplug FP102 have been tested by TRADA to British Standards BS476, Part 22, on April 20th 1993, test No. FR1687.

Download FR1687 Test Certificate


Fireplug Surface Mounted Fire and Smoke Seal is supplied in door sets. The thicker pieces, Fireplug FP202, are installed on the closing lock jamb and the head of the door. The thin pieces, Fireplug FP102, are installed on the hinge jamb, the surface mount strip is placed over the metal of the hinge, this is to absorb the heat off the metal and to prolong the efficiency of the hinge. A gap of 3 – 4mm is required to the head and closing jamb prior to application. A single door set will fit any door up to 2100mm x 1050mm wide. if necessary additional strips can be supplied using the refs: FP202 and FP102.

Figure 2 shows FP202 fitted to closing jamb and head, the leading edge of the door may need adjusting.
Figure 3 shows FP102 fitted over the hinges of the hung jamb.
PLEASE NOTE that ironmongery should be protected using Fireplug Hinge Strip and Lock (ref Fireplug CFPM).

Surface Mounted Fire & Smoke Seals On a Roll


When fire strikes, gaps around doors are a perfect escape route for fire and smoke to travel. Therefore, it is crucial to halt the spread of flame and smoke by fitting Intumescent door seals. No routing needed, these are self-adhesive and surface-mounted.Tested with a maximum of 4 mm gap between door and frame and an 8mm gap at bottom of door to floor

  • Available in white or brown.
  • Each box contains 5.2 m coil (one single door set) 30 min fire rating.
  • Fitted directly over hinges, no other hinge protection required.
  • Tested to BS 476-22:1987 at Cambridge Fire research on20/12/2017 Test No: CFR1712201

Box contents:


Fitting Instructions

1 – Measure and cut the required length off the roll.

2 – Simply remove the adhesive tape backing from the cut length and carefully offer to the door frame with the smoke seal butting against the door stop.

3 – Repeat this process for both sides and across the head of the door. Be careful to make sure that each length of Fireplug FPSM butts tightly against the other. There is no need for fire protection at the bottom of the door.

4 – Provided with the Fireplug FPSM are 2No self adhesive vinyl Fire Door Keep Shut stickers. If not a domestic dwelling, one should be placed on each side of the door. This is usually at the top.


The Fireplug FPSM is placed directly over the hinges, some cutting out of the strip may be needed on the striking plate to allow the latch to engage. A gap of 3 to 4mm is required to head and jambs to allow the door to close fully. The self adhesive tape used in manufacture is of a high quality. However, you may also wish to *pin/staple the Fireplug FPSM to the frame at each of it’s ends. This may help avoid possible de-laminating of the strip over a period of time.

Tools Required

Tape measure
Sharp knife/scissors

Download Fitting Instructions

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